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Benefits of El Pescador


Improve the Security

Test the resilience of anti-spam and anti-phishing protections inside a corporate environment.


malwares protection education

Educate people on how phishing threats are presented and teach them how to react when facing a fraudulent message.


continuous evaluation

Frequent campaigns improve the corporate behavior and reduce attack risks.

Meet the campaigns offered by El Pescador


click campaign

Suggests the user to click on on a fraudulent email to test resistance and the knowledge power of a team phisihing.

information collection campaign

Promotes the sending of a malicious link that takes users to a fake page in order to get some kind of credential or confidential data.


attachment campaign

Sends a malicious file attached to a fraudulent email. Opening the malicious attachment simulates a possible infection of workstations.

targeted campaign

Provides the creation of a specific engineering based on the type of information consumed by the recipients.


How it Works

The first step is choosing the campaign that suits best the scenario to be evaluated. From this, our team of experts develops the engineering that will simulate the phishing attack with advanced techniques of social engineering without using conventional templates, which everyone knows it quite well and send it directly to the trash.

Custom Templates

Templates simulating real phishing increase the chance to catch unprepared users. If catched, the user is directed to our online training about phishing, where he will learn how to recognize this kind of coup, avoiding to be a victim of new attacks.

Online Training

Our training is fully customizable, adjustable to our customers' learning model. With the training, it is possible to identify who is on the list who received it or not, and send it again.

Campaign Tracking

On the Dashboard you can create a list of people or groups who will receive the campaign, schedule sending dates and follow all in real time. Our tool allows you to receive notifications about the campaign, identify the users who have taken the training or not, statistics, among others.

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